For us at PREMI3R, being the “best” and “first” means continuously moving forward, looking upward, and being ahead of the curve in the pursuit of perfection. We aim to achieve this through always providing the buyer with convenience and satisfaction.

Inspiration of Premi3r from
Korean traditional hat gat


The gat can be thought of as the representative headgear for traditional male Korean attire. It’s a large round black-and-white hat, who’s delicate and elegant features are said to represent one’s intrinsic beauty. Like well-polished shoes today, a man took care of his gat. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), commoners and nobles alike, and scholars, too, wore a gat just about every day. It was worn on their days off but was also part of a man’s ceremonial formal wear. During Confucian ceremonies, when bowing to the ancestors or to one’s parents, a man would wear a gat, too.


Much like today’s modern Koreans, the Joseon people were quite fashion conscious and knew how to match their gat with the rest of their wardrobe. Hats and headgear as a whole occupied a significant place in the history of Korean fashion. Wearing something on your head was essential. A whole variety of headgear existed: jeolpung, sogol, chaek, jougwan and so on. There was the more modest geon and the metal bogwanryu-style hats. These last are elaborately decorated and are usually found in royal tombs. Most of that traditional headgear shared a basic triangular frame, embellished with bird feathers and other decorations. In fact, bird feather rituals (jousik) connote a form of bird worship, often connected with other concepts such as sun worship and immortality. Feathers were a common feature at ceremonial rituals. The official hats worn during the jousik ceremonies, the ancestral rites, had feathers and were much fancier than the jeolpong or sogol, which had no feather decorations. In later designs, the official hats even featured metal feather-like decorations.


During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) society was quite hierarchical with little or no movement between the strata: the randomness of your birth determined, for the most part, your life path. Tied in with this were concepts of Confucian values and Confucian relationships. Indeed, the Joseon era placed an emphasis on Confucian values and the strict separation of society’s castes. One of those values was the importance, nay the need, to dress with propriety and to dress properly; thus, the evolution of the hat’s importance.


In the beginning, we strove to create original designs using only the PREMI3R logo to indicate quality ingenuity through word-of-mouth advertising. Our brand evolution and growth was highly organic and pedestrian. This is largely owing to the young generation’s embrace of our designs, thus bringing us to the contemporary urban street. This unimagined success served as the inspiration and confidence to take the PREMI3R brand to the global market.

In the past, there were so many different hats representative of each nation’s specific climate, religion, occupations, and fashion culture. In the modern context, headwear has begun to change and represent a transnational exchange of fashion and culture ideas that has never been seen before in human history.

Hats designed to protect against the elements, like those designed to keep the sun off or the warmth in, will always have their place and purpose. Even within the confines of this “form for function” example, people continue to seek innovative color and design options more than ever before. This drives our creative process and, as a result, we will never stop in the pursuit of meeting the demand for new ideas. PREMI3R brand lives the maxim “Don’t stop until you reach the top” while refusing to accept that the top exists. Never stop.



Trends change from season to season and are dependent on the acceptance of a fickle consumer market. Our continued increase in sales growth is indicative of PREMI3R’s successful trend setting.


One of the greatest challenges to our growth has come from our unwavering commitment to quality. While others may rush the creation and production process in a desperate effort to secure profit, PREMI3R has made every effort to perfect each component of the process before moving forward. We feel that the cost of our patience and perseverance is far outweighed by our ability to offer uncompromised quality at every level. As such, our consumers can expect timely and consistent delivery of every PREMI3R product.


We do not needlessly overcharge. Many companies continue to believe that simply throwing away money on brand advertising is money is well spent. We believe this is wrong. We believe that spending time getting it right the first time saves money. While advertising is truly important, a good brand should speak for itself and lessen the overall advertising budget as a result. In this way we can pass the savings on to the consumer.