1. Working environment: Fast and professional
  2. Dynamic team
  3. Potential career development

At PREMIER, we always want employees to be passionate about their works. Passion is the key factor that leads to creativity and productivity. We want you to not only work but also love what they do. Therefore, employees can come up with great productivity or great ideas while working.
Active is one of the most important qualities that all companies want from their employees, however at PREMIER, we want you to be especially proactive. Being passive or just reactive is not enough for you to keep up with the working environment at PREMIER, as standing still means falling behind. The company require you to think ahead and always prepare for the next tasks. In addition, as a fashion company, we want you to forecast the market and fashion trend and prepare any resources for it, which can help PREMIER to “BE AHEAD”.
In a professional and dynamic working environment like PREMIER, the ability to complete the tasks right on time. As every department has to cooperate with each other, as a result, if one employee cannot finish his/her tasks on time, other employees would be affected, which would slow the work progress down. At PREMIER, a Korean style company, we always want our employees to finish the tasks completely and on time. That is why PREMIER want you to be punctual at all time.
Prolific or creative has the same meaning. At PREMIER, being prolific is not just only about thinking of creative ideas in design and business but also the working style and environment as well. In other words, we want you to be prolific in ideas, campaigns and processes to achieve these things.