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No breaks

Continuous new product lauches throughout the year.


Purchasing is not limited to one part of the Snapback line. Baseball caps, bucket hat, Camper caps, Kids caps, etc are all on offer.


Our attractive Korean designs are current, globally on trend, and loved by many.
We are always try to satisfy all customer’s needs, you will be definitely impressed our creative and innovation design.
Premi3r’s target segment is young, dynamic people who constantly follow fashion trends. Korean Fashion trendsetter and K-popstars’ most beloved caps are here.

Standing still and not progressing is never an option. With the fast moving business environment, standing still means you have already been falling behind. Especially in fashion industry, the most successful company or person is always the trend creator, not follower.
That’s why in PREMIƎR, we always work to BE AHEAD

– Chief Executive Officer