Who we are

We’ve been designing for over 17 years which keeps our finger on the pulse and not only allows us to successfully incorporate fashion trends into our Premier designs but, boldly innovate new ones. We believe there are many kinds of headwear available but, a hat without design is like a man without a head.

At PREMIER we owe our considerable success to the fact that we consider design the most important stage and first step toward the final product.

At PREMIER’s new Design Center in Ho Chi Minh City, we are continuing to work hard on the development of new design concepts.

Production Standards

PREMIER has joined forces with professional hat factories in both Vietnam and Korea. Communication and cooperation within and between these factories ensures quality production completed in a timely manner. Further, we are able to produce our own brands, other brands, and a small quantity of custom caps to create an extremely dynamic and diverse collection.


Business, Sales, and Distribution – Currently we are able to reach consumers via the Internet Shopping Mall, through PREMIER’s showrooms at Overhead, Inc. in Korea and at the Seoulcap showroom in HCMC. In addition, product sales have become available in Thailand, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates through ODM and OEM. PREMIER has been able to expand sales and distribution through these outlets and continues to grow.

Why do business with PREMI3R?
Here is what we offer

Distribution – PREMIER Branches Worldwide

PREMI3R Process

Oem and ODM

With an OEM, the buyer is the provider of ideas and specs, while the ODM’s concept is the reverse of this. Using these mediums, buyers can create custom designs either by having PREMIER produce the design concept or by helping to develop the design concept for a particular product. OEM and ODM design capabilities are well established systems of production at PREMIER.

Our Brand Introduction

We are trying to bring a variety of designs, of a more “frontier spirit”, to the street than what is currently on trend.

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